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The New Year Festival of Nalanda College

Nalandians Celebrated their New Year festival which took place on the 7th of April at the college grounds. Many famous events were held by the participation of Nalandians in various ages.

They spent a great time together as a family on the 7th under the shade of Mother Nalanda.
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Nalanda Students Find a Cure for Leukemia from Green Tea

A student from Nalanda College Colombo has found a new method to cure Leukemia also known as blood cancer. Research has been successful. The Report is handed over to Minister Maithripala Sirisena.

The student is Rakitha Malewana. International mini Nobel Laureate Rakitha Malewana is pursuing studies at Nalanda College Colombo in Grade 13. Rakitha Malewana has succeeded in the research he carried out via Nano technology using the main active composite in tea leaves and controlling the spread of cancer cells. He had found that it is possible to use the chemical Catechins in Green Tea as a treatment for Leukemia.

The first stage of the test had been carried out with the mediation of the Health Ministry.

Rakitha Malewana said that he proposed a research in respect of Leukemia with the use of Nano technology. Tea is known to everyone. He developed a chemical in tea with the help of Nano technology and found it was possible to control the spread of leukemia cells. This was done by using cells from leukemia patients. He said that it was only the first stage of this process which has become successful. A colossal sum has to be spent on such a research. He made special mention of the Health Ministry which supported him in this work and it was the Medical Research Institute in Colombo which mediated in this process.

His medical research carried out by using Nano technology has been named as the best medial research performed in Sri Lanka in 2014. It was presented to Minister Maithripala Sirisena today. Nalanda College Principal Ranjith Jayasundera said that this student is pursuing studies in the Biology stream. He has set a good example to other students.

His mother Upeksha Abeysekara said that the child displayed a keen enthusiasm in innovations since he was 12 years of age. He had been engaged in many research activities and also won prizes locally as well as internationally.

Inter-House Sports Meet 2014

The Annual Inter-House Sports Meet of Nalanda College was held on 20th February 2014 at the college grounds.


 Mr. Thilanga Saumathipala was the honorable chief guest of the event which confirmed the brighter path of Nalanda College Sports.

Maurya House Won the 1st place while Soorya, Nanda and Chandra houses won 2nd, 3rd and the 4th places respectively.



Maurya House

Soorya House

Nanda House

Chandra House

Teacher In-Charge:

Mr. S. R. Dharmapriya
Mr. N. M. L. Gamini
Mr. S. M. Wickramasinghe
Mr. Chaminda Gunarathne

House Captain:

V. V. Perera
D. A. L. N. Dissanayake
I. S. D. Wijesinghe

Sports Captain:

K. I. P. Dias
E. M. A. I. Ekanayake
R. V. K. Kulathunga
W. A. V. P. R. Wijesinghe

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