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Wings of the Maroons'14

The Aeronautical Day “Wings of the Maroons ‘14” of Aeronautical Society of Nalanda College was held on 3rd of July 2014 from 2.00 pm at the Sri Lanka Foundation Auditorium.

For over 64 years Aeronautical Society of Nalanda College has done a tremendous service to Sri Lanka and the world of aviation through producing aviators to the nation.
"It is with humble pride that we say we are the pioneers in this field among all the other schools in the country".

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Future Minds 2014

Future Minds is the ideal career gateway for Sri Lankan students to select the best avenue of education among the enormous opportunities that are available in the up growing education industry. The Future Minds Expo has placed a special emphasis with regards to find the best career opportunity with the great concern of the financial aspects too.

Attend Future Minds Expo to find out the best education institutes that specialized in your field or has exceptional academic programs in your field will enable you to graduate fully prepared for the job market.

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The President steps to Nalanda to embrace the fragrance of Sil Campaign

The all island school Sil campaign organized for the Vesak festival covered the Nalanda land in Buddhist colors and decorations. The sons of mother Nalanda observed Sil on the 13th of May 2014 of May. His Excellency president Mahinda Rajapaksha visited his Alma-mater to watch the decorations by his own eyes and to embrace the fragrance of Sil.

As a 100% Buddhist school Nalanda College showed its respect and love for Buddhism. Hon.; Mr. Thilanga Sumathipala and Mr. Bandula Gunawardhana also joined the event.


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