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Motto:- “An ode of poetic attacca”

Vision:- “To embrace the beauty of English Literature as an art.”

Mission:- “To gift the world with men who have a broad understanding of the beauty of the body of written works.”


Membership (Qualifications for membership & intake)


Only the students in grade 06 to grade 11 can join as new members to this society, and will have to contribute if they wish to stay as members in this society.

Members who withhold good literacy skills are welcomed to this society with open arms, members should have a basic knowledge of English Literature.

English novel fanatics are most recommended to join this society.

Age Category :- Junior section – grade 06-10
Senior section – grade 10 & above

Students who wish to join should abide by the code of conduct which will be taught by the president of the NC ELA, and should act according to school regulations. Misbehavior will not be tolerated.

When firing a committee member from NCELA due to a fair reason, the top board can discuss and get the approval from the teacher in charge.

When firing a top board member from NCELA due to a fair reason on a serious fault, the final decision should be taken by members and other top board members should allow them to fire him.

If a top board member of top 3 ranking posts resigns or is fired by teachers-in-charge unanimously.


teacher in charge: 0718265101

president: 0773713314

Secretary: 077 745 5467