About Us

Nalanda College Robotics Society was established in 2018 with the motto of “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. We are empowering Nalandians to face the technology inspired world and making them as the future stars in the modern world and showing the right path to becoming world class innovators in the growing world.
For conducting lectures we First started with the support of Old Nalndians who were Under Graduate Students Of UOM , Then we have developed into a society with the best knowledge and a created panel of lectures from our students.

Nalanda College Robotics Society Guides our brothers and everyone who wants to explore the technology world from the beginning to the top of technological knowledge. We are sharing new innovations for the world to make the world run more easily and more effectively.

As the Robotics Society, we inspire our studens to find new knowledge with the growing technology in world and to continue our growth better and better in the future.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world”


“To make people who can solve problems with Robotics in future”.



In this competition we test the practical knowledge of our students every 3
months and awarding them with prize certificates. The main purpose of this
competition is to built a practically talented Nalandians to the technology world.


Lectures and Lessons

In Our society, A panel of lectures will conduct lectures about Basic Fields of
Robotics on every Thursday according to specially designed syllabus by Robotics
Society Of Nalanda College. For those who like to study further in robotics You
can start with the basic fundamentals from us and become a professional AI
designer. You can also access our learning materials through our website.
Mostly Our Lectures consists Of These Topics,

 Arduino IDE Software
 Microbit
 Use Of Hardware
 Basic Robotics
As a Society, We are expecting to digitalize the school with our new
innovations and many more new ideas.


Master – In – Charge
Mrs. Nadeeka Weerasinghe

Office Bearers -2023-2024
President – Sehandu Kumanayake
Secretary – Akila Induwara
Treasurer – Chanula Sakun
Vice President – Kusal Navodya
Assistant Secretary – Senithu Walisinghe
Assistant Treasurer – Pavan Nethsara
Chief Editor – Santhush Roshan

Committee Members – Navida Jayaweera
Nadev Balasooriya
Githma Disanayake
Oshada Disanayake


Official website